Saturday, April 25, 2009

Salad (to go with Chile Relleno)

This chile relleno meal harkens back many years and is just a habit at this point. Why always the same salad, drink, dessert, and main course together? Just because. And it all tastes so nicely together. Amounts of everything here are to taste:

2 regular-sized packages of lettuce
About 1/2 pound shaved pepper turkey, ripped into small pieces
Light salami, chopped in small triangles
Spanish olives, chopped tiny
Black olives, chopped tiny
Grape tomatoes
Lots of avocado
The other half of the package of queso fresco you used making the chile relleno, crumbled
Mozarella cheese slices, chopped in small triangles
Bernstein's Cheese Fantastico salad dressing


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