Friday, April 24, 2009

Chile Relleno

This is my FAVORITE dish to bring to people's houses or serve when we have guests. It's SUPER easy and quick and always quite the crowd-pleaser. Leftovers are delicious too and it reheats beautifully.

Big can of Ortega green chiles
About 2-3 cups shredded cheese
1/2 package queso fresca
1/2 can of evaporated milk
4 eggs
A few dashes of cumin

Rinse the green chiles to rid them of any seeds and make them not too strong. In a glass dish, make the first layer by laying half the green chiles flat (no need to grease or spray the dish). Cover with half the shredded cheese (You can use as much as you want. I use a ton.) Crumble the queso fresca by smushing it with a fork, and cover the shredded cheese with half of it. Repeat these three layers. Mix (I use a blender) 4 eggs, evaporated milk, and cumin. Pour mixture evenly all over, making sure to go right to the edges. I sprinkle some more cheese on top for a nice golden look. Bake 35 minutes at 350 degrees. Delish!


  1. How big is "big can"?

    I want to eat this today!

  2. a little bigger than the small can?

  3. You dork!
    I found the big can at Walmart! Hatch chiles.

  4. Another question!

    What kind of cheese do you use? I was thinking jack cheese.

    Also, whole chiles yes? of course they're whole chiles! Right?

  5. I was thinking I've only seen two sizes of the Ortega brand when I have gone to the store, so I meant the bigger size. I went to Albertson's the other day to make this and they only had the small can so I used two of those. The nice thing is you can't go wrong with this recipe, and I am a person who OFTEN goes wrong when it comes to cooking. Whole chiles, yes. You really can put in as much as you want. I guess you could use chopped ones, but I like the whole. For the cheese I use the Costco giant sack of pre-shredded Monterey jack and cheddar. My friends and I often make this for parties and get-togethers, and we sometimes make what we call the "mother-lode", meaning you can add a third layer of the ingredients if you have lots of people to feed. It's very easy to successfully alter this recipe just by eye, which is very good for the kitchen-impaired, like myself!

  6. Thanks Jess!
    This is going to be TASTY! I got all the ingredients for it yesterday!

  7. Ok, I made this tonight and it was FABULOUS!
    Thanks so much for this recipe! Even for my meat loving husband this was a big hit! I paired it with black beans mixed with diced green chiles and a big salad topped with the leftover queso fresco.
    great recipe!

  8. YAY! I'm so glad you liked it! Wasn't it easy to make? That is what I like about it. EXTREMELY easy and EXTREMELY yummy!