Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Inspiration

We recently had a healthy family living seminar at my daughter's school.
I was absolutely astounded at how many parents there admitted that they had no idea how to cook at all, let alone cook healthy meals for their families.

It was really shocking!

No wonder so many frazzled moms and dads turn to fast food and Hamburger Helper to keep the family fed and so many kids miss out on good home cooking.

I know moms and dads (and marrieds without kids too!) have stressful lives today with schooling and working and cleaning and shuffling kids around and trying to squeeze in any social life and some time to ourselves.

I also know that I need help out of my cooking rut! So I started this blog so we can all share our tried and true favorite family recipes and ask for help finding a recipe that we know will be good that fits with certain ingredients or health and dietary concerns or just picky eaters!

My main mealtime issue is that I have three very picky kids and one quite picky husband. I save my "adventurous" recipes (like stir fry...sigh) for nights I know he won't be home by dinnertime or I make them for lunches! I'm just so tired of fixing a meal for my husband and I (one from "The Rotation" of approved meals) and then nuking chicken nuggets and veggies for the kids.

And I also want to get input on recipes I find online...I mean, I could search all day and find 1000s of recipes, but are they tasty? Will MY husband eat them? Will my kids?

Who better to help us than us! We know what works for our families so let's share the knowledge and make dinnertime less of a struggle and more fun! Because seriously, I can't do one more night of spaghetti!


  1. You should have a team member list for us to see all the contributors and their blogs!

  2. Does Blogspot have that widget? I want that!

  3. Oh, duh! I see it now, blogger won't let me add it right now...buggy.

  4. I'm in! But it will take me a while to get organized enough to contribute. I'm trying hard to get some things in order. But I'm here! Thanks for including me! I need this!

  5. Awesome! I think we all need this! I'm in a RUT!

  6. I'm in! I have a few good ones I will post soon! Thanks for inviting me.

  7. Love this! I could not need it more!!!

  8. All the ladies currently here, invite your friends to join as well! The more recipes we get, the better and more helpful the site will be for us all!