Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Beginning

Tomorrow is my first unemployed Monday. It is also my daughter's eighth birthday. Seems appropriate. My kids are tracked out (year-round school) so they get to actually sleep late for once. This makes me very happy. I plan to get with Chris so he doesn't have to endure me sleeping in while he goes off to work. I know... I feel guilt big-time. Besides, I have a ton to do. I'd like to get one room cleaned out tomorrow before noon. Grandma is taking the kids for the afternoon while I run errands. And so far, the errands are numerous. I have to drive across twin to turn in my work badge, then come back this way to get groceries, retrieve a ring Athena left at a restaurant tonight, run to the bank, and register Josie for her tags.

If all of this seems to focus more on the SAHM side of things and less on the entrepreneur side, you would be correct. I won't get into full swing on the business side of things for a couple of weeks. I need a break and the house needs work. Even then, I am not positive I can do all I want in two weeks. I also have a freelance assignment to do, just to keep a little money coming in. That will take a little time, as will the kids being home for these two weeks. 

Still, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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